Amicable Separation Agreement

If you have to rely on the motive for inappropriate behaviour, try to maintain things by mutual agreement by trying to approve the wording of the details of the behavior with your partner. The charges could be as light as possible. The key to a less stressful and more consensual divorce (simpler and much less costly for all) is to approach it in the right way. Failure to hold the confrontation process will likely lead to longer solutions. The secret is that in those five years we have unravelled our lives, it is not only about the nuts and bolts of separation and divorce, but also about building a new friendship. It may seem extreme to talk about friendship at the same time as divorce, but even if it wasn`t easy to stay friends, life is so much better for all of us. When I think of Michelle and Terry, they are an example where their intention to be friendly has not unfolded as they had planned… Divorce and separation are probably one of the most stressful periods of your life. When you separate from your partner, there are many changes at once, and you are faced with so many unknown factors, like what will happen to your finances? And where are your children going to live? Kristian and I discussed what we could do to improve our financial situation. He offered to take the kids for another night during the week, so I could do some extra work. We negotiated until we reached a mid-term agreement that none of us were entirely satisfied with. In retrospect, it was probably a good indication that it was fair enough.

You may feel that you cannot go on with your life until you are divorced. Even if you want to have a final financial agreement (or ask the court to make a decision on finances), then a divorce proceeding should be ongoing. The law allows you to make your own decisions on how to solve problems. You do not have to go through the courts. You can also enter your decisions into a separation agreement. As soon as your separation agreement has been signed by both of you before a witness, it becomes a legally binding document. We can help you reach out-of-court settlements in the areas of finance, calculating child and spy assistance, and we can also help you lay the groundwork for how you will become your child parents in the future. We document all the agreements you make and they are written in your separation agreement. The establishment of your separation contract is a purely administrative service and does not involve legal advice.