Statement On Lend-Lease Agreement

As with other credit countries, the quantities and types of materials, services, etc., which must be provided under these loan leases, continue, as always, to adapt from time to time in the changing conditions of war. The facts themselves are not a real basis for friction. The Soviet government expanded the space granted in its press and radio to the recognition of American aid and the respective contributions of all other allies. This appreciation was underlined in the speeches and statements of the most senior Soviet officials, including Prime Minister Stalin. Similar thanks were expressed by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Ambassador Halifax and other high-ranking Britons. Supplies and services provided by the French in reverse tenancy include textiles, military tires, batteries, telephone cables, chemicals and other vital war supplies, railway and port facilities and services, hotels, warehouses and other facilities and services. The French have commissioned their industrial production, to the extent that it can be put into service, in the service of the joint war effort. Deliveries to other French divisions and units are made under lease agreements in accordance with the terms of these agreements. To win the war, all United Nations resources must be used effectively. If the war effort subsided due to a lack of stocks on any front, those who whispered about the cost of our leasing bill would undoubtedly be as quick as everyone else to regret the weakening.

Just as the RAF`s operations against Germany and the invasion coasts without a loan base would not have been possible on their current scale, the 8th and 9th U.S. Air Force would not have been possible without a reverse lending base. Our fortresses and liberators leave huge air bases built, equipped and maintained inside a reverse loan base, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of our pilots fly uk-built spitfires, many other American fighter jets fly with British Rolls Royce Merlin engines, which were given to us by the British. And many of the stocks we need for our air force are purchased for us at no cost through reverse loans. Indeed, in Great Britain, our armed forces, both on the ground and in the air, are lent upside down, without paying us, a third of all the stocks and equipment they currently need, Britain provides 90% of their medical care and, despite their food shortages, 20% of their food. [76] In Europe, the military situation is far from stable and I think there are few Britons who would accept German peace commitments at face value. I would like to quote three brief paragraphs of my statement to the parliamentary committee: given the speed with which huge quantities of materials have been processed, as well as the competing demands of our allies and our own civilian and military needs, few critics deny that the balance of appropriations is good.