Ucar Rate Agreement

In the past, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Jobs has had both part-time and full-time jobs with independent and temporary options for experienced professionals. Jobs were created in the fields of writing, technical writing, computer science and it, science, communication, administration, software development and more. UCAR is known for a low turnover rate and offers eligible employees a package of benefits including a retirement plan, health and dental insurance, education assistance, local cafeterias, training centres and classes, a child care station and flexible work options. A unique contribution is its role in the Climate and Variability and Change Working Group within the Community Climate Model/Community System Model (CESM). On average, this project produces 30 documents reviewed by experts each year. To ensure that the science of the cooperation agreement is integrated into the national and international research agenda, scientists play a leading role in the CESM, the climate research programme, the National Research Council and climate assessments. Climate simulations conducted as part of the cooperation agreement have made an important contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Part-time administrative assistant to work 30 hours/week. These include enforcing guidelines and procedures, managing inventory, eliminating processing facilities and reporting.

4 years of experience and organisational skills required. The research organization has a part-time job available for casual/as-needed web developers to create an interactive and data-controlled website. Requires exp with graphic design and interface, information architecture, web software development, XHTML, CSS – Photoshop. Current students from university, university or vocational education are needed to find and correct climate modeling and exit errors for an atmospheric research organization. UNIX/Linux and Shell scripts are required. Work part-time, part-time, occasionally. Responsible for preparing, auditing, negotiating and managing construction contracts for programmatic support of activities for UCAR. Must have 8 years of business experience.

18-month maturity allowance. Part-time purchasing assistant for 24 hours a week. Tasks include preparing orders/sub-contracts, processing order requests, maintaining the file system and providing administrative assistance.