Let the games begin…


You want to win the Tied Together game for Nintendo Switch?

Ok, you little monster. These are the terms, conditions and game rules!




In order to compete you need to have an account for the following social media:
Snapchat and Facebook or Instagram. You have that? Great.


You need to be at least 16 years old or you need to have permission from your parents to join this competition.


Joining this competition is for free.


You are allowed to compete as much as you like.


Until the first of December, every week the winner of the game will be announced via social media.


When you compete you agree on and confirm the items above.

Still up for some trouble making? Let’s continue!






1 Follow us on Snapchat and Facebook/Instagram


Snapchat: tied-together

Facebook & Instagram: @playtiedtogether


2 Download the Tied Together Snapchat filter in Snapchat:

3 Send your snap to tied-together


 4 Post your snap on Instagram/Facebook

Make sure at least you and the monsters are visible


5 Tag us and three more friends by using the following text:


Game on! Let’s play Tied Together on Nintendo Switch @playtiedtogether @mediamarkteindhovencentrum @nintendoswitch